TREATY 8 FIRST NATION OF ALBERTA -"As long as the sun shines, grass grows and the rivers flow..."

Treaty, Land & Water


Presentations on Treaty Rights, Water & Land. Click to read online.

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A Non Conventional Approach to Oil & Gas Regulation in Alberta presentation Final Copy to Treaty 8 Regional meeting Nov 28 2011 Click To Read online
Baril info for cd
BC-water-market-proposal.pdfDavid Lertzman
Executive Summary Enhancing Assurance Developing an Integrated Energy Resource Regulator
Alberta’s First Nations Consultation Guidelines on Land Management and Resource Development
Regional Session II - 02 17 11_Livelihood
T6 Consultation Position Paper
Treaty 8 Chiefs Nov 28 2011 (water)
Treaty 8 Consultation Regional Session Presentation (Feb 17, 2011)